What Is ALPD Laser Projector? And What Is ALPD?

An ALPD laser projector refers to projectors on the market that utilize ALPD technology.

It standing for Advanced Laser Phosphor Display, is a cutting-edge laser phosphor display technology.

ALPD® technology
What Is ALPD®:Updated To The Latest ALPD 5.0 2023 1

How it works: In this technology, a blue laser is used to excite specific phosphorescent materials. When these materials are excited by the laser, they emit light of other colors (such as red and green). Combined with the original blue laser, this allows for the creation of a complete RGB color gamut, producing colorful projected images that emulate cinema-like visual effects.

If you’re unfamiliar with laser projectors, ALPD technology might sound complex……

Below, we’ll provide an introduction to laser projectors to help you better grasp the concept of ALPD technology.

Are Laser Projectors Worth It?

When classifying projectors based on their light source, there are primarily three types:

Traditional Lamp Projectors


Laser Projector

LED projector vs LAMP projector vs Laser Projector
What Is ALPD®:Updated To The Latest ALPD 5.0 2023 2

Lamp Projector:

Light Source: Utilizes traditional high-intensity bulbs or ultra-high-pressure xenon lamps.
Advantages: Lower cost and good color reproduction.
Disadvantages: Shorter lifespan, typically between 1,000-3,000 hours, requiring periodic replacement; gradual decline in brightness; takes time to start up and shut down; produces significant heat, potentially louder noise.

lamp projector
What Is ALPD®:Updated To The Latest ALPD 5.0 2023 3

LED Projector:

Light Source: Uses LED lights as the light source.
Advantages: Compact, energy-efficient, fast start-up, bulb lifespan can exceed 20,000 hours with minimal replacement; good heat dissipation, low noise.
Disadvantages: Brightness is generally lower than traditional lamp and laser projectors; color saturation might be inferior to other technologies.

CHIQ Changhong M400 LED projector 1
CHIQ Changhong M4000 LED-Projektor

Laser Projector:

Light Source: Employs laser diodes or other laser technologies.
Advantages: High brightness, superior color saturation, high contrast ratio; fast start-up; lifespan can reach 20,000 hours or more; high energy efficiency.
Disadvantages: Initial purchase cost of laser projectors is high. Speckle may occur (a phenomenon unique to lasers, primarily due to the coherence of lasers. When lasers pass over certain object surfaces or through irregular media, lasers from different paths interfere coherently, producing alternating bright and dark spots, known as speckle).

awol vision 3500 laser projector
AWOL Vision LTV-3500 Beamer 4K Android Dlp Projector Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

Thus, ALPD technology is a laser light source technique, which not only makes images brighter and clearer but also extends the product’s lifespan and reduces the overall size of the device.

Recommended Portable Travel Laser Projector

Due to the absence of optical system technology, portable projectors have always been criticized for: small size, limited brightness, lack of contrast, and poor image clarity.

However, with the introduction of ALPD technology, even compact projectors can now deliver high-definition quality. Click on the product to learn more.

With the advancement of technology, there are now some portable, reasonably priced, and high-value laser projectors available, such as the Formoive S5, which is perfect for those new to laser projectors.

  • fengmi formovie s5 laser projektor 1100 ansi smart portable alpd 516363

Development History Of ALPD®

1. Im Jahr 2007 schlug Appotronics die ALPD-Laser-Display-Technologie vor und meldete ein Patent an.
2. Revolutionäre Lösung für die Schwierigkeiten, die bei der Industrialisierung von Laserdisplays auftreten
3. Hohe Helligkeit, hohe Farbskala, geringe Streuung, einfachere Architektur

alpd1 1
What Is ALPD®:Updated To The Latest ALPD 5.0 2023 4

1. Erfolgreich entwickelt im Jahr 2012
2. Hohe Helligkeit
3. Visuelles Sicherheitsdesign
4. Der gleiche Lichtweg, gute Gleichmäßigkeit

alpd2 1
What Is ALPD®:Updated To The Latest ALPD 5.0 2023 5

1. Erfolgreich entwickelt im Jahr 2015
2. Effizienz der Lichtquelle um 20% erhöht
3. DCI P3-Farbraum
4. 100% Farbhelligkeit

What Is ALPD®:Updated To The Latest ALPD 5.0 2023 6

1. Erfolgreich entwickelt im Jahr 2018
2. Größerer Farbumfang (Farbumfangswert bis zu 98,5% von Rec.2020)
3. Die Anwendung von ALPD® 4.0 Produktkontrastverhältnis von bis zu 2500:1 weit über die Theaterstandards hinaus
4. Höhere Lichtausbeute (30% höhere Effizienz als Produkte der ALPD® 3.0 Generation)

What Is ALPD®:Updated To The Latest ALPD 5.0 2023 7

ALPD 4.0

Since the 4.0 version, ALPD technology has evolved from a Single Laser light source to a Triple Laser light source, resulting in significant improvements in color gamut, contrast, and light efficiency. In addition, ALPD 4.0 reduces blue light energy and flicker frequency, preventing radiation and fatigue, making it more beneficial for eye health.

Recommended Triple Laser Projector with ALPD 4.0 Technology

The Formovie Theater stands out as the sole projector supporting Dolby Vision, and it’s also the most budget-friendly among all triple laser projectors.

Shop at NothingProjector to receive the best available price and benefit from a three-year local warranty.

  • 2,999.00

ALPD 5.0

1. Officially released in November 2022 to take advantage of more flexible core devices
2. Larger color gamut (gamut values up to 120% Rec.2020, 165% DCI-P3, 210% Rec.709)
3. Higher luminous efficacy (ALPD 5.0 Pro>20lm/W; ALPD 5.0 Lite>10lm/W)
4. Smaller size (0.47/0.33/0.23 platform, more flexible optical configuration)

Key Benefits 

Einzigartige Strahlenkombinationstechnologie

Using three colors of laser light sources, combined with three colors of LED light sources, it’s unprecedented to integrate six light sources into one

Erweiterte dynamische Modulation

Das System analysiert die für die Videowiedergabe erforderlichen Farbraumstandards im Voraus durch Algorithmen und erreicht so eine präzise Reproduktion des Farbraums, den das entsprechende Bild erreichen sollte.

Ultimative Leistung

Durchbrechung der technischen Engpässe von reinen dreifarbigen Laserlichtquellen oder reinen dreifarbigen LED-Lichtquellen, Überwindung von Flecken und chromatischen Aberrationen, Erzielung hellerer, fleckenfreier und angenehmerer Farben.

You Might Also Want To Know

ALPD vs DLP: Which is better laser or DLP projector?

DLP (Digital Light Processing) is a display technology.

Working principle: In DLP projectors, the light emitted from a light source (which might be a traditional lamp, LED, or laser) is projected onto the DMD chip (a key component of DLP projectors). Depending on the image’s content, each tiny mirror will flip independently, reflecting light onto the screen or diverting it away.

ALPD is the light source for a projector, while DLP is a display technology. They are not the same thing; they are like the engine and gasoline of a car, not in conflict with each other.

A projector can use ALPD (laser) technology as its light source and can also choose DLP as its display technology.


When comparing laser light sources to LED light sources: Lasers generally offer higher brightness, suitable for larger venues or well-lit rooms, have a longer lifespan, usually between 20,000 to 30,000 hours or more, and produce more vibrant colors, but they generate more heat and might require better heat dissipation, and they tend to be pricier. On the other hand, LEDs have lower brightness, a lifespan around 20,000 hours, and while their color accuracy is good, it might not be as vibrant as lasers. They produce less heat and noise, are usually more affordable, and are suitable for home use or portable applications. The choice between these technologies depends on specific needs and budget.

What is the lifespan of a laser projector?

The lifespan of laser projectors typically ranges from 20,000 to 30,000 hours in full brightness mode. Some high-end models even claim lifespans exceeding 40,000 hours. It’s important to note that the actual lifespan may vary depending on usage conditions, the quality of the laser source, and manufacturer specifications.

Vorteile der ALPD®-Technologie

Die Gesamtlichteffizienz des ALPD®-Digitalprojektors ist viel höher als die anderer Lichtquellen.

Hohe Lichteffizienz führt zu hoher Helligkeit. Durch den Einsatz der ALPD® -Technologie erreicht die Helligkeit bis zu 60.000 lm und nimmt damit eine Spitzenposition in der Welt ein.

Die Farbleistung entspricht dem DCI-Kinostandard, wobei die maximale Farbskala 120% von Rec.2020 erreicht.

Produkte, die ALPD®4.0 verwenden, können ein Kontrastverhältnis von 2500:1 erreichen und übertreffen damit bei weitem Kinostandards.

Das Produkt wurde verschiedenen experimentellen Tests unterzogen, darunter Alterungstests, Staubschutztests (gemäß IP5X), Wärmeableitungstests, strukturelle Festigkeitstests sowie Tests bei hohen Temperaturen und Feuchtigkeit.

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