FengMi Cinema 4k Pro Laser Projector
FengMi Cinema 4k Pro Laser Projector

Check out our first review of the newest 4k pro laser projector

The cinema 4k pro, an updated version of the cinema 4k with a compact design for a 7.2kg device,

an Feng OS operating system running on android 9,

with a storage memory of DDR4+64 Go eMMC of 3 Go,

ALPD 3.0 laser,

2400 Lumens,

3300:1 contrast ratio

and HDR and MEMC motion compensation technology,  giving you a more fluid and clear image an update to your whole new video projection experience.

Two integrated full range speakers with 15W each with Dolby effects enjoy a very clear sound with high sound quality and close to none distortion even on max volume.

The new configuration gives you a 63% of performance amelioration and a 55% reduction on energy consumption.  

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