Formovie Theater Proiettore laser triplo a tiro ultra corto 4K UHD Supporta Dolby Vision 2800ANSI

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Caratteristiche principali

Tecnologia di visualizzazione: DLP

Lumen: 2800 ANSI

Tecnico: ALPD RGB+

Contrasto: 3000:1

Risoluzione: 4K UHD

Compensazione del movimento: 

HDR: Dolby Vision / HDR 10+ / HDR 10

Sistema di base: Certificato Android TV 11.0

Lingua del sistema: Lingua globale

3D: No

Rapporto di lancio:  0.23:1

Correzione trapezoidale: Correzione in otto punti

Certificazione: MEMC/LPSE/Dolby Vision Atmos/DTS/ALPD RGB+

Porti: 3x HDMI 2.1(1x ARC) ,SPDIF,2x USB(2.0), 1x AUX,1×Lan

CPU: MT9629

RAM: 3 GB di memoria DDR4

Magazzino incorporato: 32 GB eMMC

Relatore:15W x 2 Bowers & Wilkins

Caratteristiche intelligenti:Assistente Google in campo lontano

APP Store:Negozio GooglePlay

WIFI:WiFi 2,4G/5GHz6


About Formovie Theater

“This is the only projector that currently supports Dolby Vision and is also the least expensive of all the triple laser projectors.”

“Unlike with some other projectors, it supports 4K and Dolby Vision HDR streaming, so you can get the most out of Disney+, Apple TV+ and other supported services.”

1st Place Ultra Short Throw Projector Triple Laser Showdown 2022

ALPD®4.0 Triple Laser Light Source

Formovie THEATER incorporates the cutting-edge ALPD®4.0 triple laser light source technology, surpassing the capabilities of ALPD® 3.0 by 30%. As a result, you can expect exceptional contrast and remarkable color accuracy that enhances your viewing experience.

formovie theatre ALPD4.0 RGB

4K UHD picture

Enjoy a stunning crystal-clear 4K movie theater experience

formovie theater 4K

Dolby Vision and Atmos

Whether you’re engaged in gaming, indulging in your favorite movies, or enjoying a captivating TV show, THEATER’s support of Dolby Atmos elevates your audio experience to new heights. The powerful dual 15W full-range audio speakers create a spatial sound experience that draws you in deeper, allowing you to hear more details and feel more impact.

Formovie theater Dolby Atmos

0.23:1 Throw Ratio

UST projection is suitable for a variety of spaces.


Sound by Bowers & Wilkins

Bespoke designed speakers tuned by Bowers & Wilkins engineers, for people who love music.

Sound by Bowers & Wilkins

20,000 hours Lamp Life

Formovie comes with high-quality, industrial-grade light bulbs that boast an impressive lamp life of 20,000 hours. This longevity ensures that even with regular usage, such as four hours per day, Formovie will provide you with over 13 years of reliable performance.

formovie theater 20,000 hours Lamp Life

Complete Connectivity

Formovie caters to your diverse requirements by offering a wide range of connectivity options, making it effortless to connect and utilize various devices. Whether you need to connect your gaming console, streaming device, or other peripherals, Formovie provides a seamless and hassle-free experience.

formovie-theater-connect (1)

Formovie Theater Review

Recensioni dei clienti

Based on 18 reviews
Vincent Faivre
Produit et service au top

Tout est dit dans le titre, je me régale chaque jour et me félicite d'avoir choisi NP pour m'approvisionner mon nouveau jouet. Le conseil et le SAV sont tops.

Un très bon choix de vidéoprojecteur !

Après de longues recherches, je peux vous dire que j'ai fait le bon choix pour mon premier vidéoprojecteur à courte focale, je suis ravi par la qualité de l'image que produit cet appareil et même la journée !
Sur mur blanc lisse, l'image est belle mais avec un écran technique ust, l'image n'est exceptionnelle !
Couplé avec un stick amazon ou une Shield pro, c'est que du bonheur, le cinéma dans le salon.
Quant au service de livraison, il a été parfait, très rapide, moins d'une semaine, bref,ce site spécialisé dans les vidéoprojecteur est vraiment très sérieux et le personnel répond à toutes vos questions.
Vous l'aurez compris, je suis ravi de mon achat.
Un mot sur le son,il est très bon, mais si vous avez une barre de son ou autre équipement audio, c'est encore mieux !
Merci nothingprojector
Un nouveau client conquis !

Schlauri D.
Good products with superb service

I'm totally happy with the order and service from NP and Jennie. My first projector had a little flaw (a brighter dot in the picture, for what NP isn't responsible). The projector was replaced from NP. The second one is without flaws. And delivers in every aspect.

Brendan Evans

Sono un cliente che definirei paranoico, ancor più quando si tratta di acquistare online prodotti molto costosi. Tuttavia, Jen di Nothingprojector è sempre stata molto gentile e ha continuato a rassicurarmi durante il mio primo acquisto di un proiettore UST e per questo le sono molto grato. Il proiettore Formovie Theater è un pezzo di hardware eccezionale e le mie impressioni iniziali sono semplicemente senza parole e in soggezione per quanto è bello! Non ho mai posseduto un proiettore UST, per non parlare di qualsiasi altro proiettore, quindi accenderlo e provare Avengers Endgame su Disney+ per la prima volta mi ha fatto sorridere e mi ha riportato a quando Endgame è uscito per la prima volta nel 2019, quando tutti applaudivano nella mia sala cinematografica. Felicità letterale e nostalgia mescolate in un'unica emozione. La chiarezza, la vivacità, il contrasto, il colore e il potente audio di Bowers & Wilkins sono a dir poco EPICI. Spero che mi duri a lungo perché ne sono già innamorato.

franz krenn

I have already gained some experience with projectors. My first projector was a Chiq A5U for 2800 euros, my second projector was an LG Vivo Cinebeam for almost 5000 euros.

It's unbelievable what the formovie can do compared to the LG. The Fengmi Formovie trumps the LG in all respects...and clearly.

I maintain that LG, Hisense, Samsung...and whatever their names are, rip off customers here in Europe.

If Fengmi would start an advertising campaign in and around Europe, the other manufacturers could all wrap up.

i came across the fengmi brand by accident, while researching on the internet.

Jennie from NP was always very friendly and helpful with any questions I had.

I will only buy my projectors from NP in the future.

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